1. 200 Lockers

There are 200 lockers provided by SIR Library. They are free of charge and available to Library users who need somewhere to leave their belongings whilst using the SIR Library.


2. 25 PCs/Tablets/Headphones

The SIR Library provides 25 personal computers (PCs), tablet, and headphones for the SIR user. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the following areas and bring a USB drive or other type of memory device to save information.



3. 6 Gintell Rest n Go (Vending Massage Chairs)

6 updated vending massage chairs from Gintell are placed at a SIR library. The massage chairs offers the SIR Library user the possibility to get a massage by one of our Gintell Rest n GO vending massage chair.



4. Library Children’s Area

Welcome to SIR library children area. SIR library is dedicated to offering books, toys and kid educational software.


5. E-Reading Corners with 3 touch screen PCs

SIR Library provided 3 touch screen PCs for Zinio E- Magazines and AsiaRead Library E- Books. Interesting and fun way to read e- magazines and e- books.



6. Executive Room

The library's limited meeting room space is available whenever possible for the use SIR Library user for meetings and programs.


7. Photocopy Machine and Scanners

Self-service photocopiers are available in SIR library.



8. Public WiFi

All SIR Library locations offer free wireless access (Wi-Fi) in public areas at all times the library is open.


9. Self-Service Kiosk for ‘Borrowing and Returning’

SIR Library is introducing self-service kiosks for borrowing and returning. Try and have fun.



10. Library Catalog for Searching Items

The Library Catalog is awesome!
Featuring responsive web design so that you can search the library catalog from your mobile devices on the go!



11. Workshop Room

provided with 60 Inch Samsung Smart TV, Writing Glass & Projector Screen,Rent a workshop room at a SIR library. Kindly refer space rental rates for more information.